Do You Know These Statistics For Euro2020?

Do You Know These Statistics For Euro2020?


Statistics play a determining role in football as they serve all levels. On one hand, they allow us to know the level of a team throughout the history of the European Cups, and on the other, they will provide us with information on, for example, the style of play of the teams in a more concrete way.In daily football predictions, statistics play a leading role since they will allow us to associate theoretical probabilities to events. For example, if the statistics say that in a team’s matches, 2.5 goals are often exceeded, it is revealing information about their way of playing.In the first part of this article, we are going to focus on non-betting statistics for informational purposes only, and in the second, we are going to analyze the best players by position who are expected to be present at Euro 2021.National Team StatisticsTeams That Have Won the Most EurocupThe teams that have won the most European Cups are 2, Germany and Spain, each with 3 titles. Undoubtedly 2 of the best teams at any stage and against which few or no teams want to face.Germany won the 1972, 1980, and 1996 Euro Cups while Spain did so in 1964, 2008, and 2012. Spain has won 2 of them more recently, although Germany has been a finalist on more occasions.The next team that has won the most Euro Cups is France with 2 victories in its record, in 1984 and 2000.Italy, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece remain with 1 Euro.Teams That Have Played The Most EurocupThe classic Euro Cup teams are the ones that come to mind when we think of continental team football. Starting with Spain, of course, and then Germany, France, Italy, or England.Germany is the one that has played the most editions and also the one that has played the most games. Spain is the 2nd in the list of editions and the 2nd in terms of games played, from which it can be deduced that it is the one with the best performance out of its participations since no selection adds more titles.At the opposite pole is Russia, which has played more editions than Spain but fewer games, from which it is deduced it is usually eliminated in the first rounds.Teams That Tie The Most In The EurocupDue to their style of play, some teams are more likely to end matches with draws. This is because their traditional style of play tends to be solid defensively and to come out safely from behind.The clearest example is Italy, although let’s not fool ourselves because precisely in recent months the style of both Serie A and the Italian team has been more daring.Player StatisticsBest Forwards for Euro 2021 (2020)Those in charge of materializing the goals, the forwards, will be the object of all eyes from the spectators of this European Championship 2021. Players like Mbappé, Harry Kane, Lewandowski, or Cristiano Ronaldo, will try to make their respective teams reachas far as possible based on goals.Best Goalkeepers for Euro 2021 (2020)Europe is a land of goalkeepers, and some of the best of all time have been born in it, such as Buffon, Casillas, Yashin, Shilton, Van der Sar, Peter Schmeichel, and Olíver Khan.In this European Championship, we will again see the goalkeepers disrupt the opponents’ attacks and save their teams with saves, returning the opponent’s fans to their seats.The main candidates for the Euro 2020 best keepers are; David de Gea, Hugo Lloris, Unai Simón, Oblak, and Manuel.Best Defenders Euro 2021 (2020)The defenders do not enjoy as much attention as their teammates who play more advanced. However, they are critical pieces in the teams to steal balls and get the game or even join the attack.In Europe, we have enjoyed football icons in defense such as Paolo Maldini, CarlesPuyol, Franz Beckenbauer, Ronald Koeman, Cannavaro, Franco Baresi, Thuram—the list would be almost endless.Top scoring players Euro 2021 (2020)Before a list of stars like the one that we will find in Euro 2021, an estimate can be made of who will be the great scorers and will make a more significant number of targets.Some of the top-scoring players of this Euro 2021 (2020) could be:Harry Kane from England, Romelu Lukaku from Belgium or KylyanMbappé from France. The three are in great shape and also belong to teams that, due to their ability, could go far and play a more significant number of games.Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal and Robert Lewandowski in Poland are also two great scorers, but it happens to them that their teams do not seem to have many options to go far in Euro 2021.Other possible candidates to be scorers in the Euro are Memphis Depay of the Netherlands, Raheem Sterling of England, or Serge Gnabry of Germany.Finally, we could be surprised by Antoine Griezmann from France, Eden Hazard from Belgium, and even Álvaro Morata or Gerard Moreno from Spain.

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